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Worship at Arlington Woods:

“Worship, whether corporate or individual* is the practice of regularly seeking to bring the complete focus of our being on God. It is the discipline of returning to the true centre of our individual and corporate existence as God’s people.

The pressures of life and the assaults of the fallen world constantly blur our focus and tend to shift us away from our centre in God. Worship is the means by which we recover our focus and return to our centre.

The quality and consistency of our worship will determine how well we are able to live Christ-centered lives in the world.”

-Robert Mulholland, Invitation to a Journey, p.135

*We need to be fully engaging in both individual and corporate worship, in order for the other to be meaningful. Individual worship is grounded and enlivened by corporate worship, and corporate worship can awaken and does give context to individual worship. The Lord’s Prayer begins with a reminder that prayer should also be corporate, “our Father” not “my Father”. In fact, the Bible does not offer two categories of worship – it is always both corporate and individual.


  Family Day Prayer Activity 2021 (click on the link below for details)

   Praying in Colour




    Family Day Prayer Activity 2022 (click on the link below for details)

    Playdough Prayers




Lent & Easter 2022 Playlist at Arlington Woods