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Small Groups:

It’s really hard to connect with people you only see in passing once-a-week on Sundays. At Arlington Woods, we think it’s really important to get together in small groups during the week to foster friendships, encourage, and pray for each other, and to dig a little deeper into the Bible and discover how it can relate to our lives. Each group also serves together by adopting mission projects in our community and around the world.

Our small groups meet in both homes and at the church, so there are plenty of options available to suit your schedule. You can view a list of our groups below or in our weekly bulletin, but the best first step is to message Paul Bloomfield, our Small Groups coordinator at groups@arlingtonwoods.ca, with any of your questions and to find out which small group would be a great fit for you. (Please also note that during the summer, some of these groups take a break, so contacting Paul is the best way to stay informed which are currently running.) If you would be interested in a Bible study or class being offered or would like to join a group specifically geared towards prayer, please view our list of Bible Studies & Classes and Prayer Groups.

We ask God to give you complete knowledge of his will and to give you spiritual wisdom and understanding. Then the way you live will always honor and please the Lord, and your lives will produce every kind of good fruit. All the while, you will grow as you learn to know God better and better. Colossians 1:9b-10

Small Groups Listing:


Day: Wednesday   Time of day: 7pm     Frequency: Weekly

Description:  You are welcome to join us for this small group at the church! Currently doing a study on 'Christian Character'.


Day: Thursday    Time of day: 7pm     Frequency: Every other Thursday night.

Description:  You are welcome to join us for this small group at the church! We're currently studying  'Jesus in the Psalms'.

WOMEN'S SMALL GROUP: Hobart Crescent, Nepean

Day: Wednesday and Tuesday    Time of day: Evening     Frequency: Every second Wednesday night and every 4th Tuesday night, 7:30-9pm

Description: This group is for women of all ages to come together, grow deeper in our faith and friendships, pray together and for each other, and to support each other in our walks with God. There will be worship, tea, treats, laughter & tears! 


Day: Wednesday    Time of day: 6:45-8:30pm    Frequency: Weekly     Location: Arlington Woods Church

Description: Next ALPHA starting September 16th 2020! ALPHA is an opportunity to explore life, faith and God in a friendly, open and informal environment. Each week features a free supper, a modern video segment that tackles questions about the Christian faith, and a chance to have open discussion on the topic. If you're interested in taking part in our next ALPHA course or would like more information, please visit our ALPHA page.

CONNECT: Young Adults

Day: Sunday     Time of day: Lunch     Frequency: Monthly     Location: Seymour Ave, Nepean

Description: CONNECT: Young Adults is a great community made up of college and university students as well as working young adults! Visit our CONNECT Young Adults page and contact Pastor Ben if you have any questions or would like more information.

DEEPER ROOTS (For Students Grades 7+)

Day: Sunday     Time of day: 10am     Frequency: Monthly    Location: Church Youth Area

Description: Deeper Roots is a monthly small group for students in Grades 7+ that heads downstairs to the youth area when the kids go to KIDZONE during the morning service. Please visit our TEENS page for all of the details on Deeper Roots.


Day: Sunday     Time of day: 9-9:45am     Frequency: Weekly

Description: This adult Bible study is currently looking at the book of Matthew. Please contact Paul Bloomfield, our small groups coordinator, for more information.


Day: Tuesday     Time of day: 9:30-11am     Frequency: Bi-Weekly (1st and 3rd Tuesday of month)

Description: This group is for women dealing with depression or living with people dealing with depression.  We meet for Bible study, prayer, fellowship, and occasional service projects.

MEN'S SMALL GROUP: Lavonne Court, Nepean

Day: Tuesday    Time of day: 7:30pm     Frequency: Every other Tuesday night.

Description:  Perfect bible study for men ages 25-40.

RETIRED MEN'S GROUP: Meets in Downstairs Classroom C

Day: Tuesday     Time of day: 9:30am     Frequency: Weekly

Description: This is a small group for men who are retired. Currently studying 'Paul, his life and teaching'. 


Day: Wednesday     Time of day: 9:30am    Frequency: Weekly

Description: Ladies meet together for conversation, encouragement, Bible Study and Prayer. Currently studying 'Esther'. 

MCCLUNG'S SMALL GROUP: Starwood Road, Nepean

Day: Thursday   Time of day: Evening     Frequency: Weekly

Description: This is a small group open to all adults. Currently studying 'James'.

KENNEDY'S SMALL GROUP: Seymour Avenue, Nepean

Day: Thursday    Time of day: 7pm     Frequency: Weekly

Description:  Starting an eight week study on "Angels". You are welcome to join us for this small group!


Day: Wednesday     Time of day: 9:30am     Frequency: Weekly

Description: This men's group meets for great conversation, games, a devotional, prayer, and service opportunities. We also enjoy visiting men from our church community who might be 'shut-in' for health reasons


Day: Tuesday     Time of day: 7:30pm     Frequency: Weekly    

Description: Running from Feb. 11th to Mar. 3rd 2020. Learning about developing a closer relationship with God, being a disciple and deepening your understanding of the Bible (1&2 Thessalonians). Space is limited. Email groups@arlingtonwoods.ca to sign-up.