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CATALYST youth ONLINE happens on Friday nights from 7-8:30pm. Over the summer, we're meeting twice a month during July and August. Each time we get together we play games (some are virtual games like JackBox and other times we play other fun group games together), there's a worship song, Pastor Ben does a short talk, and then we have a chance to discuss, connect and share highs/lows about our week and any prayer requests. It's a great way to connect when we're all living at a distance and can't meet together physically! Mental health experts say that if you can't meet in-person, connecting face-to-face online is the next best thing!

To join us, you must be a teen grades 6-12 and be registered as a part of our youth program

Parents, we want to assure you that during this time, the only people who are allowed to join our ZOOM group are teens registered in our youth program and adult leaders who have been trained/screened through Plan to Protect (our church's abuse prevention and protection policy) who also have a current police check on file for working with kids or teens.


1. Download it the app store or download it on your computer.  https://zoom.us/download

2. Once it's installed you have to create an account (email, name, password etc...). 

3. You have to allow the app to use your video and microphone.

4. When it's time to join a ZOOM group, find a quiet place where there isn't a lot of background noise.

5. We recommend keeping your camera ON during the talk, discussion and games so that we can see and interact with each other.

5. Click on the link sent to you to join the CATALYST Youth Online ZOOM group at the specified time and then enter in the password for that meeting. When you do, you should choose to let it connect to your computer audio.


Every week we've been playing a Jack Box game to kick things off. Here are a few tips:

1. Stay connected to ZOOM, but you can mute your microphone.

2. If you're on a computer, open a new browser window and go to www.jackbox.tv. If you're on a tablet, you use a browser to go to this site and ZOOM will keep running in the background. You just click on the ZOOM banner at the top to jump back into the ZOOM app that's running.

3. Enter the code to join the game (we will tell you what it is on ZOOM, but it'll also be on the game screen in the corner that's shared on ZOOM). Also, enter your real name.

4. Come back to ZOOM to see the game screen. When prompted you will go back to the jackbox.tv window to do the interactive bits in the game.

5. If we already have a maximum number of players, you can still join the audience and vote in the game by entering the code and name at jackbox.tv

Now is a great time to establish a bit of a routine where you spend time growing in your faith. The best way to do this is to spend a few minutes a day in prayer (simply expressing thanks to God and talking to him about your life), spend a few minutes a day reading from the Bible (using a devotional (devo) is an easy way to do this), and listening to some worship music. 

This is how you use a daily devo: 

1. Read the Bible passage that's highlighted for that day (some apps/sites will send you to a Bible webpage to read it if you click on the passage).

2. Read the devotional. Usually this is a story or some thoughts based on that Bible verse.

3. Answer or think about the questions at the end.

4. Pray about what you read. How does it apply to your life? How does it challenge you or encourage you? Take a minute to talk to God about it.

Some great online devos to check out:


This is such a great way to spend some time with God every day! It features daily Bible verses and great stories that help you understand what the Bible is saying! I highly recommend it! You can download the app for ANDROID, the app for iOS (Apple) or you can subscribe to get actual books sent to you-- the first year is free!


Have you ever wondered if the Bible is relevant for your life? Maybe you've tried to read it, but found it boring or even confusing. Maybe you want to read it consistently, but you struggle to make it a major part of your life. If this sounds like you, then the Cultivate App was created for you! It's available as a FREE app on ANDROID/Google Play or on iOS (Apple).

Plan to Protect:

Every one of our adult leaders and volunteers who work with children or teens has submitted a current police check and has been trained in our Plan to Protect policy.

Plan to Protect involves training to create a safe environment for children and teens and an overview of our policies and procedures on abuse prevention and protection.