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We have a number of serving opportunities here at Arlington Woods! Even during the pandemic, when we are all practicing social distancing and limiting contacts, there are ways that you can be an active part of our church community and be a help and support to others! If you would like to serve in some way, but you're not sure how, please contact our office at info@arlingtonwoods.ca


1. Creating audio CD's of services for people who do not have access to computers or the Internet: This person needs to be able to download audio services, create audio CD's, and mail them out to select people from our church. The church has a CD-burner and can provide supplies of blank CD's, envelopes and postage. Contact karlene@arlingtonwoods.ca.

2. Sound Technicians:  We are looking for people who feel they have a "good ear" for hearing music levels and balance as well as a basic knowledge of technology to learn how to set up equipment and run the sound on a Sunday morning. This would require a few hours of training plus job shadowing. It would require being in-person for our services and wearing a mask. Contact karlene@arlingtonwoods.ca.

3. Easy Worship Technician: Individuals who are interested in learning how to use our Easy Worship system. Easy Worship is how we order our services by uploading songs, sermons, videos, etc. on a Sunday morning and projecting them on the screen. A basic knowledge of Word and PowerPoint concepts are required. This will require step 1: running pre-created order, one hour training plus job shadowing. Followed by step 2: creating the deck (order from a blank template), another hour of training. It would require being in-person for our services and wearing a mask. Contact karlene@arlingtonwoods.ca.

4. VMix Technicians: This person(s) would be trained by our current VMix Producer, Nathaniel Harper, to run the production online for our weekly stream. Skills required: enjoy learning new concepts on computer and have proficient knowledge already. Have an interest in video production and/or photography: being able to create good lines and picture placements. No audio experience needed. This would begin as a position filled when Nathaniel is ill or away on holidays. It would require being in-person for our services and wearing a mask. Contact karlene@arlingtonwoods.ca

5. Graphic Design: We're always looking for individuals who would like to create promo graphics, sermon series slides, or social media imagery. If you have an interest in graphic design and have a passion for developing creative materials that stand out and capture attention, we would love to hear from you. Contact ben@arlingtonwoods.ca

6. Website Updating: If you are handy with computers, we are looking for individuals who would like to keep the information on our website current. This would involve creating pages, creating online forms, and uploading and inserting graphics and imagery that we provide. Contact ben@arlingtonwoods.ca



1. KIDZONE group leader: Requirements: Having a passion to disciple kids in their faith, complete Plan to Protect training, ability to communicate well with kids. We are hoping to resume kids ministry at Arlington Woods in June 2021, so we are looking for leaders willing to serve once or twice a month in-person on a Sunday morning. This would involve supervision, leading in up-front group times or group worship (if that fits your interest/ability), leading a small group of kids in their lesson, crafts, and activities, helping with check-in or check-out from our kids ministry. Contact ben@arlingtonwoods.ca.

2. Using your creativity to make a short kids’ moment video based on our weekly KIDZONE lessons: Kids, teens, and adults can be involved. A high quality webcam, phone or tablet is necessary for good video/audio quality. No video editing experience required and Christine Villeneuve or Pastor Ben can assist in giving you direction. This can be done at home without being in-person. Contact ben@arlingtonwoods.ca.

3. CATALYST Youth leaders: Requirements: Having a passion to see teens grow in their faith and make wise life choices; Be present at least twice a month in our weekly youth ministry; Be friendly, welcoming, and relational; Complete Plan to Protect training. Your specific involvement can be tailored to your specific ministry gifts, skills and interests. Contact ben@arlingtonwoods.ca.

4. Sending birthday cards, cards, or craft kits to kids or teens: Contact ben@arlingtonwoods.ca.

5. Young Adults Leader: Requirements: Be a young adult yourself or feel called to minister to young adults. Attend our CONNECT: Young Adults ministry (currently happening online over ZOOM) on a regular basis. Prepare and lead a group devotional once every few months. Other involvement can be tailored to your specific ministry gifts, skills and interests. Contact ben@arlingtonwoods.ca.


1. Providing a meal and dropping it off for the teen guests of Restoring Hope Youth Shelter. For details like and follow Restoring Hope on Facebook for a list of their needs and potential dates. https://www.facebook.com/restoringhopeministries 

2. Providing supplies or hygiene items for Restoring Hope Youth Shelter. These could include medications, lip balms, toothbrushes and toothpaste and other items. For details like and follow Restoring Hope on Facebook for a list of their current needs. https://www.facebook.com/restoringhopeministries

3. Ottawa Giving Project: The Ottawa Giving Project is continuing its opportunity for churches in our city to come together and support local agencies who serve Ottawa's homeless and low income communities! They are currently accepting donations of NEW socks, underwear, and personal hygiene items. For a list of acceptable donations and churches collecting donated items visit http://www.respondottawa.ca/givingproject/

4. Build a Street Survival Kit for Ottawa Innercity Ministries (OIM): One kit would include a backpack, sleeping bag, socks, as well as hygiene and food items. This is a great project for a small group or for a family! Visit https://www.ottawainnercityministries.ca/donate for more information. 


1. Wedding/baby shower: This could involve planning the schedule for the event, organizing games or activities, promoting the shower and inviting others, or being a host or a helper. Currently, showers are taking place over ZOOM during the pandemic. Contact lynda@arlingtonwoods.ca.

2. Organizing a "meal train" or providing and dropping off meals:  This is a ministry to help new parents, people who are grieving, or people recovering from surgery. Contact lynda@arlingtonwoods.ca.

3. Adopt a Senior: This is a great way for kids, teens, or families to encourage seniors who might feel isolated because of the pandemic. Simply connecting by sending an encouraging letter/cart/art craft as a way to show we care. Contact lynda@arlingtonwoods.ca.