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Arlington Woods Church Day of Prayer, Tuesday, Sept. 17th.

We would love for you to participate with us on our DAY OF PRAYER! We are asking as many as possible to sign up for a one-hour time slot on this day and taking that time to pray for our leaders, our church, and our community. You can join us at the church during that time, or you can pray where it's most convenient for you.



Throughout the DAY OF PRAYER, we are asking people to sign up for at least a one-hour time slot to pray for the following needs during these times. Please sign up so that we know how many people are joining with us in prayer on this day. You can sign up online below OR you can sign up at the church Welcome Centre.


8am- Thanking God

God is worthy of our praise. Through Jesus, he has issued an open invitation for us to come into His throne room, dwelling with Him there. Acknowledge what a privilege it is to stand in God’s presence and to freely petition him for help. He is worthy of all our praise.

9am- Alignment with God's plans for the church and community

It is a new day for Arlington Woods both in the community and the church as we begin our fundraising campaign. Pray we move forward trusting the Lord to provide.  Pray to be aligned with God’s plans and purposes for the future, and that He would be glorified in all that we do. Pray that the vision God has for Arlington Woods Church would be birthed in each heart. Pray for the Trend Arlington community to be open to this project.

10am- Unity in the Church

Pray for unity in the church as we move towards our fundraising goal. Much can be accomplished if we join our desires with God’s desire for us. Pray that people would recognize the potential for future ministry through this project and would see that, through this initiative, our church would impact our community to an even greater extent for years to come. 

11am- Spiritual Transformation

Pray that there will be spiritual transformation in God’s people (John 16:24). Pray that we will see God moving in a powerful way and that we will see much spiritual growth and maturity. Pray that this transformation will spread through our neighbourhood.

12pm- Sunday Services and Major Events

Pray for the Sunday sermons related to the building campaign; pray that the speakers will have God's wisdom and guidance as they inspire, encourage, and challenge us. Pray that during this time we would see people come to faith in Jesus and grow in spiritual maturity. Pray for the Leadership Advanced Commitment Event where church leadership will pledge towards our building campaign (Sept. 19) and the commitment dinner on October 4th where the people of our church will have an opportunity to make their pledges towards our building campaign.

1pm- Provision for the Renovation Project

Pray God’s blessing and provision on the renovation project and for generous giving. Pray that the right people, from pastors to plumbers, will be involved at each step.

2pm- Church Renovation Committee

Pray for guidance and protection over the Church renovation committee - that they would be empowered and equipped to do the work God has called them to do. Pray that God will guide and strengthen them as they deal with plans, contracts and permits. Pray that throughout this process Arlington Woods develops a reputation of being a delightful client to work with.

3pm- Team Leaders of the Fundraising Initiative

Pray for the team leaders that they would each give effective guidance to their area of responsibility, and that they all will be of one mind. Lenore Dunn is our prayer team leader, Alanna Babcock is our administrative team leader, Pastor Ben is our communication team leader, Nathan Dickey is our publications co-ordinator, Christine Villeneuve is our small and ministry group team leader, Liz Priddle is our hospitality team leader, Pat and Neil Fukumoto are our Leadership Advanced Commitment Event team leaders, Yolande Knight is our Commitment Dinner team leader, Rob Onley is the chair of our church renovation committee, Scott Isaac is our fundraising campaign director, and Pastor Mike is our leader pastor.

4pm- Prayer for the Fundraising Coaches and Contractors

Pray for the fundraising coaches, Jordan Hageman and David Hazzard, the architects, engineers, contractors, and builders. Pray for guidance, direction and safety. Pray that city hall will move forward quickly on our building permit, and that construction work will progress quickly and smoothly.

5pm- Pastors and Staff

Pray for the Pastors and staff: Pastor Mike, Pastor Lynda, Pastor Ben, Pastor Bryan, Alanna, Kevin and those working behind the scenes during this time of change and advancement.

6pm- Preparation of Our Hearts

Pray that the congregation would each prepare their hearts to joyfully embrace what God should ask of us during this exciting season. For willingness to be obedient- the Lord will be preparing hearts. Pray the God will prepare the hearts of our neighbours to hear our story.

7pm- Church Growth

Pray that God would open up opportunities for people from our church to share their faith and invite others to be a part of our church community. Pray that God would give us boldness to live out our faith at home, at school, in our workplaces and in our neighbourhoods. Pray that we would see numerical growth in our church and spiritual growth as more people come to faith and are discipled. Pray that people would be a part of the Body of Christ, using their interests, skills and gifts in ministry.


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