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Men's Events


Ever wonder what goes on at our annual "24 Hr" Winter Men's Retreat? Well wonder no more....... 

Guys start arriving at the cottage late afternoon on the Friday after they finish work (or a nap for retired guys). They bring along a pillow, sleeping bag, tooth brush, jammies and of course any outdoor equipment or clothing they want to use when they get free time. Cross country skis or snowshoes are a great idea and skates and a stick if they want to participate in a fun, but spirited, pick up game of hockey on the lake. Of course, everyone is also encouraged to bring along their bible, notebook and a pen.

Supper is planned for 7:00pm and usually finishes by 8:00pm. For the next hour or so we kick off our weekend with a time of worshipping God through music and an opening session led by our guest speaker. This year we are blessed to have Rev Bob Fukumoto leading us through a discussion about "Friendship". He will delve deeper into questions like " Who would you call If you needed help? Why?".

Following the opening Friday night session, guys are free to kick back, play some cards, watch TV, chat, go for a moonlit walk on the lake, or even turn in for the night and get fast asleep before the real snoring starts!

Coffee is on around 6:00am for the early risers, and a hearty breakfast is served about 8:15am. By 9:30am, Kurt is warming up the crowd with some great praise and worship songs and then Bob will lead us throughout the morning as we dig deeper into what "Friendship" really means.

After lunch, we have free time from about 1:00pm to 4:00pm when guys can just relax and get outside for some fresh air and an activity of their choosing or simply relax with folks inside by the fire. No pressure, your choice!

A final wrap up session led by Rev. Bob will bring us to a conclusion in the hour or so before we have supper together. While departure time is normally between 6:30pm and 7:00pm on Saturday evening, this year we have a special "3hr" Extension for all those who want to stay on and watch the Leafs play the Sens on Hockey Night in Canada. Just a heads up..... we have a few real passionate Leaf fans that should be able to hold their own in the "Sea of Red". Should be a blast!!

So what are the takeaways and aspirations for our weekend retreat. Well first of all, we trust that guys will get to know each other in a new and meaningful way and that friendships can be both cultivated and deepened through just hanging out with each other. We trust there will be lots of fun and laughter as guys get a chance to relax in a lake country setting. However, most of all, we trust and pray that guys will go deeper into their lives and possibly the lives of others. We pray that they may be encouraged and challenged through the Word spoken to grow more passionately in love with Jesus Christ and follow him in a new and refreshing way as a result.