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Discovery Series:

In 2021, our church family started a 7-part Sunday morning series called DISCOVERY which gives an introduction to Arlington Woods Church, our denomination (The Free Methodist Church in Canada), and what it means to be a Christian and be a part of church community. If you're new to our church, this series is a great starting point!  Click on the link below for the first video in the series or click HERE for the entire playlist. If you would like more information on any of the above, contact our church office at info@arlingtonwoods.ca



Discovery Classes:

Our Discovery classes are offered to help you grow and become an effective part of church community while also letting you know about the Free Methodist Church (our core values and beliefs) as well as why you should consider being a member at Arlington Woods.

There are four different classes, so if you've already taken one of the previous ones, you can take the next class in the series. The classes are free and you're encouraged to bring a bag lunch with you that day.

1. "Discovering Membership" teaches about our faith, our church, and how it works. This class is a prerequisite to membership, however, there's no obligation to become a member after taking it.

2. "Discovering Spiritual Maturity" focuses on the four basic habits every Christian needs in order to develop and grow, and equips you with the skills and tools you need. (Class 1 is a prerequisite).

3. "Discovering Your Ministry". Come discover your gifts and he unique ministry God has intended for you. (Classes 1 & 2 are prerequisites).

4. "Discovering Your Mission". Come discover how you can be salt and light in the world. (Classes 1, 2, and 3 are prerequisites).

Please fill out the online form below if you would like to attend one of the classes or contact Pastor Cliff for more information at cliff@arlingtonwoods.ca.

Please select the class that you would be interested in taking. We'll add you to the list for our next class.
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