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Privacy Policy

Arlington Woods Free Methodist Church (AWFMC) has created this Privacy Policy to demonstrate its firm commitment to your privacy and to the protection of your information. 

This policy is in effect on websites owned and operated by the Arlington Woods Free Methodist Church.


Sharing And UsageAWFMC does not share, sell, rent or lend any of your information unless you expressly give AWFMC permission to provide such information to a third party. AWFMC typically does NOT utilize any third party services. 

The only exception to this non-sharing policy is when AWFMC is ordered, by a court of law, to release such information. 


Why You Have Received Information From AWFMC

  • you have contacted us and provided us with your email or mailing address;
  • you subscribed to one of our email subscription lists; or,
  • you have an existing relationship, of some sort, with AWFMC


How To Stop Receiving Information From AWFMCIf you no longer wish to receive information from AWFMC, please advise us of your request, in writing. You may do so by one of the following means:

  • by email, at:,
  • by fax, at: (613) 596-5576; or,
  • by mail, at: 225 McClelland Road Ottawa, Ontario K2H 8N5

In your request, please include your full name, your physical mailing address, and/or your email address, depending on the manner by which AWFMC has been sending you information.