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Yes! KIDZONE is now happening IN-PERSON on Sunday mornings at Arlington Woods! We currently have limited registrations each Sunday for a max of 9 families with an exception being that on Sunday, October 31st, our New Horizon Celebration Service, we've increased our registration to a max of 18 familes for that day only. Registration opens on the Thursday before each service. KIDZONE is our Sunday morning kids program for kids grades JK-6. For information on what KIDZONE looks like during the pandemic and how to register your kids, please see the FAQ below.


If your family is remaining at home, your kids can take part in KIDZONE online! Click the above image to be taken to Parent Cue's Youtube Channel! Every Sunday morning at 8am, they add the new videos for that week. On the channel, the videos for ELEMENTARY, and PRE-TEENS (older elementary) follows our curriculum, so your child should at least try watching one of these. If you have preschool children, there are PRESCHOOL videos available as well, but they don't always follow the same lesson plan. They will still be super fun to watch for your kids though! Each video package includes some great dance-able worship songs for your kids to sing along with as well!

Also remember that every Saturday, we send out a KIDZONE email with some discussion questions included so that you can talk to your kids about what they learned! It's a really quick and easy way to help each week's lesson really sink in! Contact Pastor Ben at ben@arlingtonwoods.ca to be added to the list!


1. Do I need to register my kids?

Yes, we are asking that if your kids (grades JK-6 only) are planning to attend KIDZONE on that Sunday that you would register them online BEFORE Saturday so that we can prepare for numbers. Kids attending KIDZONE on a Sunday morning should all be registered as ONE individual on our registration page. So in the first name field, you can add in the first names of ALL your kids who are attending KIDZONE. KIDZONE registration is limited to 9 families each week, with an increased registration of 18 families for Sunday, October 31st only. Kids not attending KIDZONE can still be in the service with their parents. 

2. Is the nursery available?

At this time, there is no staffed nursery for babies or preschoolers. Having the nursery will depend greatly on health and safety guidelines and having enough volunteers. If you would like to volunteer in the nursery, please let Pastor Ben know at ben@arlingtonwoods.ca so that we can start planning for a nursery relaunch at a later time. Currently, the nursery space is also unavailable due to the renovations happening at our building. Preschool children can join their parents in the main service, and we will make tables available at the back of the sanctuary for preschoolers to colour or play with toys (toys must be brought from home). Please don't be concerned that preschool children will be a disruption. Church is all about community, and your children are an important part of that community.

3. What safety protocols are in place?

  • All leaders and children will be asked to wear a mask. Children under 2 years of age who come ot the church are NOT required to wear a mask. Children under the age of 5 years, either chronologically or developmentally, who refuse to wear a mask will not be required to do so.
  • In KIDZONE, children will sit with their family bubbles on "island" areas we've set up on the floor in the main kids area to ensure social distancing.
  • No snacks will be served at this time.
  • We will lead kids to do sing and do the actions for worship songs within their "islands".
  • Washrooms are available in the hallway next to the kids ministry area and kids needing to use the washroom will be escorted in their family bubbles (no more than two at a time).
  • At the end of KIDZONE, all high touch areas, tables, chairs, and supplies will be sanitized and/or quarantined for a week.

4. What is the check-in process?

When families arrive at the church, they will check-in at the main entrance together. Parents will be asked if there is any change in their family's COVID screening answers. We will use our KIDZONE parent-child badge system, so an adult from the family will be given a badge and the matching number will be clipped to your child's clothing. At the end of the service, we will match and collect the badges when releasing children back into your care. Latecomers (after kidZONE has already started) will be offered activity sheet clipboards and asked to stay in the service with their family.

5. What is the KIDZONE schedule on a Sunday morning?

10-10:20am- Kids join parents in main service until they are dismissed (after the kids moment). We will lead kids downstairs (family/bubble by family/bubble).

10:20-10:35am- Large group time where we'll run the worship and teaching videos. Families/bubbles sit separately on taped off “islands” on the carpet (each island will have an animal name and poster). Kids will be instructed not to sing but to clap, dance, or do actions instead. 

10:35-11:00am- Small group time (JK-1 and grades 2 to 6 for discussion and short activity*). Grades 2-6 will remain at their "islands". Grades JK-1 will be directed to the large classroom to sit at tables on chairs spaced apart. *Activity will be kept simple such as the same colouring/puzzle sheet that we offer to the kids who stay upstairs or a very simple game. Each family bubble will have its own supplies (e.g., clipboards, crayon packs, game supplies)

11:00am- Check-out. NEW!  At the end of the service, parents can remain in the sanctuary and we will bring your kids upstairs and to the front of the sanctuary to match and collect parent-child badges and release them back into your care unless otherwise directed in the service.



Want to help your kids dig into God's Word daily? We really recommend giving some kind of incentive or reward to your kids for spending daily time reading/thinking about the Bible! Below are some helpful tools, apps, or books that we recommend you check out:

GODTIME SHEETS- As a part of our KIDZONE curriculum, we have weekly GODTIME sheets for kids! Download or print the PDF so that your kids can spend a few minutes a day reading and thinking about God's Word. We currently mail the link out in our weekly KIDZONE email, but we also usually hand these out to kids to take home when KIDZONE is in-person! The best part about the GODTIME sheets is that they follow our weekly lessons and monthly theme at KIDZONE!

KEYS FOR KIDS- This daily kids devotional is available as an app or online and can be read or listened to! Also, for kids who want a physical devotional book, you can get them sent to your child in the mail for free (First year's subscription is free and after that it's pretty inexpensive). A good tip is to read the daily Bible passage as a family, play the audio story together, and then take the time to pray about it as a family! For ages 6-12

BIBLE APP FOR KIDS- This a hit with little ones! Kids can practice reading or they can listen to the Bible story and there are also fun games and activities for them. For ages 3-7



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3. Anxiety Conversation Guides: Helping a child with anxiety is a challenge. Parents can download these age-appropriate resources to find tips and practical ways to help their children.

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Anxiety Conversation Guide for Elementary Kids


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