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The Arlington Woods neighbourhood, including our church, was hit by a tornado on Friday, Sept. 21st. Thankfully, the sanctuary, lobby, and offices of the church were largely unaffected, but the fellowship hall (the older part of the church building) sustained a great deal of damage to the roof and floor (including the youth area below it). There were also many pieces of our heating and air conditioning units found in the parking lot and in the park behind us! 

If you would like to donate towards our Repair and Renovation fund, you can do so here.

Below you can find photos of the damage from the storm along with repair updates as they happen.

Photos of Initial Aftermath of Storm:

Photos from Saturday, Sept. 23

Photo taken of tarp providing temporary coverage to prevent further water damage (Sept 25, 2018):

September 26, 2018: Good news! Hydro has been restored to our building (with the exception of the damaged areas). We don't currently have any heating/cooling, but are hoping those necessary repairs will be made soon.

September 28, 2018: We are happy to announce that on Sunday, September 30th at 10am, we will once again be opening our doors! The damaged area of the building has been sectioned off, so we still have use of our sanctuary, lobby, nursery, and children's area! Our POP (Parents of Preschoolers) group will also return on Monday, Oct. 1st from 9:15-11:15am. Below are a couple of sobering photos from around our church building. Sadly, many of the trees that once surrounded our church have been lost.

Tuesday October 2, 2018: Work crews have removed the debris and damaged carpeting from the fellowship hall as well as the damaged ceiling tiles from the youth area.

Rebuilding the Roof

Below are several pictures taken on December 4, 2018. Work crews are removing and replacing damaged parts of the roof while working in the cold under a tarp.

The hole is closed!

March 21, 2019- We can no longer see the sky from inside the fellowship hall! As an update, our church has hired an architect and will be doing some fundraising soon to renovate this space so that it's even better than it was before!

June 29, 2019- The fellowship hall is water-tight and the shingles are going up on the roof. Inside, the wood from the ceiling is being stained and the fans are being installed.

The roof is getting close to being finished!

August 23, 2019- The work crews are nearly done putting shingles on the roof as we approach the one year anniversary of the tornado.