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On Good Friday, April 15, 2022 at 10am, we'll be having an online and in-person service to bring together Christ's last statement, "Father, into Your hands I commit my spirit" with His final I AM statement, "I AM the Resurrection and the Life."

We'll be celebrating communion together, so if you're connecting online, please have some crackers or juice handy. For more information on in-person services, click here. If you're connecting online, subscribe to our Youtube Channel!

Join us on Easter Sunday, April 17, 2022 at 10am in-person or online as we celebrate Jesus' resurrection and what it means for us today! For more information on in-person services, click here. If you're connecting online, subscribe to our Youtube Channel!


Lent Weekly Devotions:

Lent is an ancient tradition of the Church which, when practiced with a right heart and not just as a religious duty, can be a significant spiritual experience. Imagine the Church globally, setting aside 40 days to remember Jesus' sacrifice, love and promises. What an opportunity to grow deeper in our relationship with God as individuals and as the Church. 

Each week there will be a short devotional activity for you to explore on your own, as a family or as a small group. These devotionals will supplement what is being taught on Sunday morning. Our prayer is that this time will be meaningful to you, your family and our church family.

Week One: Ash Wednesday, March 2

    National Ash Wednesday Service with Bishop Cliff 

    Week One Reflection Questions for Adults 


   Week One Devotional Activity for Families with Small Children




  Each week we encourage you to memorize one of the "I AM" verses on your own, with family or as a small   group.



Use the following list to meditate on the I AM's of Jesus and other songs we are singing this season: Lent & Easter Playlist

Week Two: March 6th - 12th   "Forgiveness"

Bishop Cliff's connection from Sunday: link

   Week Two Devotional Questions for Adults

                                        Week Two Devotional for Young Families 



Week Three: March 13th - 19th   "Salvation"

 Adults & Teens: Watch the following video, then complete the exercise below.

  Adults: What's your story? An exercise in remembering and sharing.




Families with Small Children: Watch this short video then discuss what it means to ask Jesus to be a part of your life.

Week Four: March 20th - 26th   "Relationship"

                                                      Week Four Adults:

                                             Two-minute Video Reflection on La Pietà 

                                                      Adult Devotions: Who Are You?

                                             Devotional for Families with Young Children

Week Five: March 27th - April 2nd   "Abandonment"

   Interview with artist, Brenda Wright about the paintings she created for this week. (16:30 minutes) 

   Brenda's Blog  &  Adult Devo

   Life-Size Maze for Families with Small Children Devo

  Link for National Prayer Meeting on Wednesday, March 30th

Week Six: April 3rd - April 9th   "Need"

  Interview with classical pianist, Adam Hu (16:30 minutes)

  Adam playing, Brahms Op.118, No.6       Adam's Artwork

  Week Six - Adult Devo       Families with small children devo

Week Seven: April 10th - 14th   "Triumph"

    Week Seven - Adult Devo, "Listening for God"

    Family Devo: "Jesus, the Light of the Word" Science Experiment Video