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First Visit

We would love to have you and your family join us on a Sunday morning! Below, you can find some information about what you should expect on a typical Sunday at Arlington Woods.

If you have a question that isn't included below, simply give us a call at 613-596-9390 or email us at Info@ArlingtonWoods.ca and we'll get back to you!

When you visit with us, be sure to drop by our Welcome Centre in the lobby to receive a free gift!

How loooooong is it?

Our Sunday service begins at 10am and concludes by 11:30am. Of course, there's no need to rush out! There are often opportunities to pray, worship or to visit with family and friends over a cup of coffee in the lobby.

Will I be comfortable?

We don't want attending church to be a painful experience. Seating is comfortable and our sanctuary is air conditioned. From the front row to the balcony, there are plenty of places to sit. We do, however, try to keep several of the back rows available for those with special needs or for parents with young children.

What should I wear?

The majority of people who attend Arlington Woods tend to dress casual or business casual. What matters most to us is that you're here, whether you choose to wear a suit or shorts.

As a first-time guest, where can I go to have questions answered?

If you're a first-time guest, you can visit the Welcome Centre kiosk in the lobby. Before the service, we always have volunteers there who can answer any questions you have. We also would love to give you a small gift that includes a coffee mug & welcome brochure. Our church has a number of volunteers who welcome people at the door, and all of our volunteers or pastors can be identified by our name badges, so feel free to speak to any one of us if you have any questions or concerns.

Do you offer anything for my kids?

Arlington Woods loves you and your children! When you arrive with your kids, please visit the kids check-in table in the lobby (located beside the Welcome Center) to receive child security tags. If you are bringing your child to the nursery, you can receive child security tags there as well.

We offer a fully-staffed nursery for babies and preschoolers that's full of toys, slides, and even a ball pit! The KIDZONE nursery is available anytime after 9:50am.

Kids in grades JK-6 remain with their parents for the first 10-15 minutes of the service and are then invited to the front for a short kids moment and prayer led by Pastor Ben. Kids will then head downstairs to KIDZONE for 'Jump Up Worship' and a fun video-based curriculum featuring animated stories and skits. Kids can even watch the videos again at home! After the video teaching, kids get into age-specific groups to chat about what they learned and to do crafts and activities. Once a month we also have a small group for teens called DEEPER ROOTS. On those Sundays, teens are invited to head to their group when the kids are invited up.

During the service, if a number flashes on the bottom of the screen in the sanctuary, please check to see if it corresponds with your child's number that he/she received at check-in. If your child's number is being displayed, it means that we need some assistance with your child.

At the end of the service, we ask parents to come downstairs to the KIDZONE area and wait at the entrance. We will ensure that the parent/child security tags match before releasing them back into your care.

Is there parking?

We have plenty of parking spaces available in our large parking lot and along the street at the front fo the building. We also have a bike rack for those who like to bike to church.

Can I get to Arlington Woods by OC Transpo?

If you're travelling by OC Transpo, the 82 (formerly 172) stops at McClellan and Camwood (right next to our church building). The 82 also covers Bayshore Shopping Centre and Algonquin College (Baseline Station). You can view the route map here (PDF).

Is your church wheelchair accessible?

Yes, our building is wheelchair accessible. The lobby, sanctuary and fellowship hall are all located on the main floor by using our side entrance. There is also direct access to our youth centre by using the rear entrance.

To access the KIDZONE area in the basement or the church offices upstairs, you are welcome to use our elevator.

For elevator access, please speak to someone on our welcome team or one of our pastors (just look for our name badges) and we'll make sure the elevator door is unlocked.

What are Small Groups?

Here at Arlington Woods, we think it's important to get plugged into a small group where you can dig a little deeper into the Bible, discuss it and discover ways that it can apply to your life. It's also a great opportunity to get to know each other better over some coffee and snacks.The majority of our small groups meet in people's homes during the week. Please visit our Small Groups page for more information or to find a group near you.

What does a typical service at Arlington Woods look like?


During the service we'll take some time to express our love and thanks to God by singing together with our worship band. While we often ask people to stand during the singing (kind of like how a crowd stands up to cheer for their team when they score a goal), worship isn't a marathon and you're more than welcome to sit down at any time.

Saying hello:

During our time together, we'll often take a break for a couple of minutes for you to welcome someone or be welcomed to our church. Hopefully somebody will shake your hand, introduce themselves and make you feel at home.

Pastor Mike will often encourage guests to fill out a Welcome Card which are available at the back of each seat so that we can get to know you and your family and thank you for visiting with us. Any information you share on Welcome Cards is kept confidential and only shared with office staff. We won't send you spam email or call you while you're eating dinner. You can also let us know if you have any prayer requests on the Welcome Card as well. 


At some point during our service, there will be an opportunity to worship God by giving to support our church and the work we do in our community and around the world. We're a registered charity, so everything that we do is only possible because of the many generous people who support us on a regular basis! 10% of what is given goes to support several local helping organizations and mission projects around the world. Of course, you are under absolutely no obligation to give.

If you want a tax receipt, there are envelopes available in the back of each seat. Simply fill out your name and address, place your financial gift inside and place it in the offering plate when an usher brings it your way. You are also free to make a secure donation online at any time that's convenient for you!

If you are interested in financially supporting Arlington Woods on a regular basis, you can request your own giving envelopes on the 'Welcome Card', and set up either direct deposit or choose to set up a recurring donation online. God bless you for your generosity!

Sharing from the Bible:

Each week, the pastor will share a relevant, Bible-based talk. If you don't have a Bible, don't worry, most of the main points and Bible verses will be up on the big screen. Incidentally, if you want a Bible of your own or would like a book to help answer questions you might have about the Christian faith, we can give you one! Just ask one of the pastors!


Following the pastor's talk, we generally conclude our time together with some prayer. Sometimes Pastor Mike simply leads out in prayer from the stage, at other times he might encourage you to come up to the front if you would like prayer for a specific need or situation in your life. Of course, you're more than welcome to stay in your seat, but we always like to give you the opportunity to be prayed for.