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St. John Ambulance Babysitter's Course



Saturday, September 10, 2022, 9am-4pm


Arlington Woods Church. The course will take place in our kids area downstairs. When you arrive, make a right to head downstairs.


This one-day Babysitter's Course is being run by St. John Ambulance. Babysitting is a job with significant responsibility and the Babysitting Course helps prospective babysitters learn the skills they need.

This course is for youth ages 12+. It teaches the new babysitter the necessary skills to provide care to children in a variety of situations. The course emphasizes safety rules, responding to emergencies, and developing leadership skills.


  • Becoming a babysitter
  • Basic first aid
  • Healthy meals
  • Safe play
  • Changing diapers
  • Bedtime routines
  • Handling emergencies

Participants will also learn skills for making correct decisions when dealing with behaviour, caring for a sick child, and what to ask before caring for a child with disabilities.


Only $10 (Normally $65). Non-refundable.

What to Bring:

Bring a lunch and snacks with you.

Registration & Online Payment:

There are limited spots! Registation closes on Monday, September 12th. Please complete the information below to complete your registration and to pay securely online.



Arlington Woods Church Free Methodist Church

Registration Form for Babysitter's Course

I hereby consent to the participation of my/our child(ren) in this program, event, or activity operated or sponsored by Arlington Woods Free Methodist Church (“Arlington Woods Church”).

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I/we, the parents or guardians named below, authorize the Director or one of the personnel from Arlington Woods Church to sign a consent for medical treatment and to authorize any physician or hospital to provide medical assesment, treatment or procedures for the participant named below.

I/we named below, undertake and agree to indemnify and hold blameless Arlington Woods Church, its Program Personnel, and Leadership, from and against loss, damage or injury suffered by the participant as a result of being part of the activities of Arlington Woods Church, as well as of any medical treatment authorized by the supervising individuals representing Arlington Woods Church. This consent and authorization is effective only when participating in or traveling to events sponsored by Arlington Woods Church.

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Purposes and Extent:

Arlington Woods Church is collecting and retaining this personal information for the purpose of enrolling your child(ren) in our programs, to assign the students to the appropriate classes, to develop and nurture ongoing relationships with you and your children, and to inform you of program updates and upcoming opportunities at our organization.  This information will be maintained indefinitely as it is a requirement of our insurance company and legal counsel.  If you wish Arlington Woods Church to limit the information collected, or to view your children’s information, please contact us.

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