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Left Alone With Jesus


But when they heard it, they went away one by one, beginning with the older ones, and Jesus was left alone with the woman standing before him. (John 8:9 ESV –emphasis added.)

Have you ever been left alone with someone important and experienced that awkward, stomach-churning angst?  

I imagine this was the case with the woman caught in adultery as she was left alone with Jesus to face the consequences of her actions, a “crime” that, at that time in history, was lawfully punishable by death.

I can recall being in the presence of a famous person and feeling so awe-struck and nervous that it rendered me speechless and all I could muster were enough words to ask for an autograph. Looking back on that experience, I cringe at how silly I must have appeared to this other human being.

On the other hand, this woman’s “alone time” described for us in John 8:2-11 was not with another human being, it was with the Saviour of all mankind.  Imagine her humiliation and embarrassment, not to mention the terror she must have been feeling in that moment. 

Like many of you, I’ve read that passage numerous times and missed some of the key points in this story.  In a recent reading, some of these factors jumped out at me in a new way. Perhaps you had already noted that this encounter took place in the temple. It is highly likely and glaringly obvious that I must have speed-read over that little detail on all the other occasions that I studied the passage, assuming it to be a street corner encounter. Or perhaps, I was recounting a movie scene that depicted it as such. Either way, it was a startling revelation to me when I took the time to truly study this passage.  

And I began to think of its significance.

The temple – that would be like being left alone in church with Jesus Himself!  Today, I would be elated for such an encounter.  But had it happened in the midst of me committing, not just a sinful act but, a criminal act, I’m certain that I would have opted for disappearance. Especially in the middle of church!  Wouldn’t you? 

There she was, in the temple, with Jesus, alone, just the two of them – that’s what the text says. All her accusers having mysteriously vanished!  I have always found it fascinating that all the accusers left – oh the power of His Presence!  But how unsettling yet how truly comforting!  Do you see it? 

In spite of her discomfort, the woman didn’t run away. To me that would have been the easy and obvious way out of that situation. So why didn't she run? Could it be that she sensed the love and compassion of Jesus toward her?  Could it be that she saw forgiveness and redemption in His eyes?  Because NO ONE has an encounter with Jesus and leaves the same!

Can you see yourself in this story?   Can you see how EVEN in the midst of our messes, God still loves us, desires to be close to us and reaches down to rescue us? If we let Him.

This woman didn’t run away; she remained in His presence and allowed God to change her. Sometimes I wish we could see the rest of the story because you just know that there’s more than was recorded. Her story didn’t end there.  We can only imagine the impact this woman’s changed life had on her family, and on her community and within her sphere of influence.  God expects the very same with us; that our changed lives will make a difference where we live – in our homes, schools, workplaces, neighbourhoods, communities and our world.  Your story doesn’t end here.…wherever here may be for you.  Ponder that.

I want you to think about the honour of being alone with Jesus – not to be condemned, but to be loved and valued. We have the awesome privilege of meeting with Him every day; don’t take it for granted.  It’s so easy to allow our “To Do” lists, our stresses, our successes, or our trials to get in the way of spending time with God.  The very things that we are supposed to take to Him can so consume our time that we miss out on the greatest benefit of being in relationship with Him, that of being alone with Jesus.

In this season of your life, you may be having a mountain-top experience or you may be going through yet another valley.  There is one thing I know for sure – that God is with you.  And not only that, He is for you and He will NEVER leave you nor forsake you. He so desires for you to spend time alone with Him; He's waiting for you to remain in His presence.

Let’s Pray

Heavenly Father, Thank You for the privilege of coming to You in prayer today.  I humbly bow before Your throne of grace and ask Your forgiveness for the times I have failed to come.  Help me to see that my need for You is more than I know.  Help me to experience the fullness of Your life-changing Presence in a fresh and powerful way.

In Jesus’  Name. Amen.

  Yolande Knight – womensministry@arlingtonwoods.ca


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