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ALPHA is an opportunity to explore life, faith and meaning in a friendly, open and informal environment. Each week explores questions about the Christian faith-- tackling questions like "Is there More to Life Than This?""Who was Jesus...really?", "Why and How Do I Pray?", and "Why does the Bible matter?".

If you're someone who has never stepped foot in a church before, have questions or concerns about the Christian faith, or are someone who would like to learn more about why you believe what you believe, this ALPHA is for you! You're also welcome to invite a friend who has questions about life, faith, and God to join you!

Each weekly episode is approximately 20-26 minutes in length and is a high quality, modern, video segment. At the end of the video you'll have the chance to discuss the topic and share your own thoughts. There will also be snacks and refreshments served. The object of ALPHA is to have friendly discussion where you can share without being judged. There are no wrong answers- you can simply share your own thoughts and opinions on the topic.

For more information about ALPHA, feel free to contact the church at 613-596-9390 or at alpha@arlingtonwoods.ca. Our church address is 225 McClellan Road, Nepean, ON.

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